Paulina Westerlind Photographer

Mobile +46 709727291

Stockholm / Berlin

My story

I remember as a child, I sat and painted with my sisters. I recall the frustration when my painting didn't turn out the way I wanted. Then, one day, I got a camera. In that moment I was able to frame my vision. The picture was just as I wanted. It clicked; I had found my home. 

Over the past 15 years I’ve developed a skill that puts people at ease. People tell me I have the ability to see beyond their surface. For me, the key is for us to be present. Sprinkle in a bit of playfulness and some ongoing dialogue, and a sense of security and calmness develops. The result is the person I’m photographing is able to reveal his or her true self. Receiving a portrait that highlights one's unique energy is a wonderful experience. I thrive to give this to everyone I photograph.

Analog - Old School

In addition to my digital work, I create unique portraits using film cameras and experimental techniques then print the portraits on photographic paper in my darkroom.